education overview

A lack of awareness underlies much of the resource damage and user-conflict occurring on public land. Therefore, a little education goes a long way toward reducing these impacts. Our message is simple: to ride with respect for nature and for other users. Much of our curriculum is specific to desert riding, since national education campaigns often neglect this setting. We spread our message through rider training courses, and through outdoor signage. 

Educational posters are available for anyone who can put them to good use. At 12x36 inches, the cartoon format presents trail etiquette tips in an eye-catching and humorous manner. Schools, recreation stores, government offices, trailheads, and travel centers could all benefit from this message. Request up to ten copies, and pick them up for free in Moab. Or have the posters mailed in a protective roll by sending a $10 check to Ride with Respect, 1310 Murphy Lane, Moab UT 84532.